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Christmas is coming with so many candies and snacks!
Zombie and Monsters cannot wait to sneak food and snacks to the cinema.
These are 8 crazy sneaking snack and food ideas by Crafty Hacks.
These funny tips and tricks are very helpful for monsters and zombies to hide food and eat all at the movie theater.
Which one is your favorite situation?
0:00-0:35 Mummy Santa
0:36-1:11 Bright light staff
1:12-1:53 Tree Ornament candy
1:54-2:29 Monster couple cookies
2:30-3:20 Christmas gift distraction
3:21-4:08 Portal to the snack table
4:09-5:03 hair flower candy spot
5:04-5:37 frozen security
5:38-5:48 Outro
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    No Food Help Zombie

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      Shida Jones
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      No. Food. Help zombie. Video game

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    Tony Sengaroune
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    Skittle Top skittle
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    Jerel Claircin
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    Saw Lin Htet Htoo
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    These Shoes Are Funny

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    Christy Suazo
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    I do not like vampire she took wizards spicy Cheetos and she said and I’ll make sure they won’t draw away

  22. Jonathan Avila
    Jonathan Avila
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    3:55 vampire: Frankenstein no food inside, go finish in outside

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    Cesar Alejandrez Ambriz
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    Technical Gamer
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    Nihar Zaffar
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