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Students! Have you ever thought about how to become popular in school?
These are 6 funny ways to become popular in college.
Crazy ideas and awesome situation by Crafty Hacks.
Share and enjoy this video with your friends.
Let us know if you try these hacks to become popular.
Which one is your favorite hack?
00:00 - 00:40 The Cheerleader
00:41 - 01:35 The Prankster
01:36 - 02:21 The Stylish One
02:22 - 03:30 Makeup Queen
03:33 - 04:11 Partier
04:11 - 04:39 The Cheater
04:40 - 05:06 bonus
05:06 - 05:38 Outro
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    Simple Inspirations From our home to yours
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    Crafty hacks

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  41. John Nathan Tabon
    John Nathan Tabon
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    Hello joyce! Don't dance really crazy because you will be might lily and Amy hit with your hand! So please be careful Yours truly COD mobile player

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    Go go go! Hi lily, Cheerleaders are so cool how do I become one? Uh nice try joys but try curving your arm like this, oh more like this? Yeah joys give me H give a C one best dran up BEST FRIENDS EVER!

  44. Roha Ali
    Roha Ali
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    Popular kids don’t study but we do like pranks, I’m gonna use this double-side of tape to prank miss Stacy, first we will stick the double-side of tape on the table no let’s go back to my seat, has everyone u-Hugu I need some water *slow motion* huh who did this?!??! Haha I don’t know idc you all fail my class what professor No! No questions your punshed!

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  50. Gaming With Ayaan
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