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Have you ever thought that how do you live without candy?
These are 9 crazy situations that can be happened when you don’t have candies.
Funny tips, tricks, and DIY candy hacks that you can use in life.
Crazy moments and super funny situations that you can find when your world doesn’t have candy.
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0:00 - 0:34 Intro
0:35 - 0:57 Secret bean stash
0:58 - 1:52 salted popcorn
1:53 - 2:46 mint for bad breath
2:47 - 3:20 peanut butter to hummus
3:21 - 3:53 berry cereal
3:54 - 4:49 mom eating junk food
4:50 - 5:29 mashed potato scoops
5:30 - 6:13 sneaking the No snack button
6:14 - 6:43 finally candy again!
6:44 - 6:54 Outro

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