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Pranks are always fun.
Why don’t you try to prank your friend in class?
These are 7 crazy ways to troll your friends in school.
Tips, tricks, and useful school hack you can use in class.
Share and enjoy this video with your friends.
Which one is your most favorite prank?

0:00 - 1:15 switching notebook fail
1:16 - 2:48 Mayonnaise cupcake in class
2:49 - 4:08 Broccoli chips
4:09 - 5:07 phone cheating prank
5:08 - 6:00 Soda glue
6:01 - 6:47 Makeup sponge eye shadow
6:48 - 7:41 Flour chip container
7:42 - 7:52 Outro

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    c c lei
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    Terry Crossbear
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