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Have you ever thought if you swap body with your dad, what you would do?
These are 8 funny situations that could be happened if you swap body with your father.
Crazy 24 hours challenges \u0026 relatable situations by Crafty hacks.
Tips, tricks, and useful hacks can help you in life.
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Which one is your most favorite situation?

0:00 - 0:21 Intro
0:22 - 1:24 Doing Some heavy lifting
1:25 - 2:22 Building skills of dad
2:23 - 3:08 just passing the time
3:09 - 3:59 Exercising with mom
4:00 - 4:30 Dad doing great at games
4:31 - 5:32 Doing Stacy’s makeup
5:33 - 6:13 Stacy the sink fixer
6:14 - 6:58 Ending of max too full and Stacy ready to sleep
6:69- 7:09 outro

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